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Day. It's on lifetime. I didn't want i only watched a little bit of it. It was it was okay. I wouldn't say it was like incredible. I don't think any of these movies are incredible. But not now the wendy williams one might be might be like art but you know and also you never forget that south sound pepe art in them. They're they're involved in the making of the movie so it's always they're always the in so as wendy so you have a little bit of that there where you have to remember that it's like they're involved they're doing attended press does move. You got a ton of press. It got they were on today show they. Were on the breakfast. Slow on talk shows just like salt and pepper everywhere. You know who's not everywhere talking to the talk shows spinderella. Who is again. Her name is deidra roper. So after the movie premieres and there's no way spinderella didn't know this was happening. She saved movie. It's not like she's not in the movie these headlines make it seem like spinderella is an in. The movie and character is actually part of the story bought. She was not part of the creative team ak she was given a cut of the proceeds. She wasn't given any sort of control active producer credit or anything like that. So it's like the tmz headlines all of them are like the tmz headlines which spinderella trashes salt-and-pepper bio-pic. You wrongfully excluded me. I was like are they just cutting her out of the. It's like i thought i was like that's i was like. How can you do that because know that they're are out right right but no she's just not in it so she waited until the movie came out to release like a twitter thread where she says it begins with sorry but i speak on the lifetime special which is too crazy. I have to say because she's giving the movie press if she's trying to disparage the movie you're doing the opposite like any press is good press. I didn't know the movie was coming out. Now until i saw those the headlines that were like spinderella claps back at the salt and pepper. Lifetime movie i was like oh the movies coming out but also she wouldn't have gotten this much attention. Had it not been tied to the movie. You know like i think she it was the right time to do it. But it's also going to give the movie higher ratings like us in in result of it but she says sorry but i got to speak on this lifetime special too often black woman who have made meaningful contributions in their industry left out of historical narratives back when salt and pepper was building. Our legacy the our. They're our legacy which is rooted in empowering women. I could not have dreamed that this same group would one day. Disempower me where. It's not fully express my disappointment when i learned the decision was made if your main message is empowering women in your music speaks to that it is kind of contradictory and actually works more harder against you to treat a woman in your band like this whether or not. She's a founding member whether or not she you know whatever the reason is it. kind of. That's hypocritical that's what that's what the most glaring at of all this is to me. And that sorta argument is and she makes it clear. She's like this is a problem. I i feel like. I'm a woman being silenced by another woman. That's what i mad at. And she's like. I'm not mad at monique. Paul who's the actor. Plays donovan a who has only been in like two things but play spinderella in the movie. But she's great knit. I just wish. I could have shared perspective with her. Like i wish. I would have had a little bit of creative input in a story but i was not given the opportunity to have input and this in case you forgot which i forgot. Spinderella was a member of salt and pepper until two years ago. Like from one thousand nine hundred seven to two thousand nineteen. He had their fallout. That followed that. We do not really know many details over. She was fired like every report is that she was terminated from the band. She was asked to leave but after that happened. We never got a reason. Why and then at one point she sued salt and pepper for wrongful termination or some sort of thing and they settled out of court so like all of this stuff is gray area. We don't really know what happened between these three people but we do know that salt and pepper are like still joined in the hip. Just like your salt'n'pepa canisters in your kitchen like they're not separating anytime soon mine are joined at the head the are next to each other but they're not like connected well. They're not like those hugging one. The hugging ones but they're you know they go hand in hand. Go hand in hand. I have assault. I got a someone gave me a free pair of. But it's a it's a pepper grinder and assault grinder. And i'm like what am i going to do with. I hate assault grinder. It's so i just want to shape the salt. I spring with salt my fingers. And it's this. You have to put a special salt in the grinder to make it work. And i'm just like this sucks anyway. I'm but then but they look good as a pair you know you don't want separate salt and pepper just like this song grinder all goo-good pepper grinders game changer. So oh my god but so salt pepper. Go on tour. They're getting a lot of press. They're they're doing great Are not like who's they're not like a. They're vintage their job but they're not like well i haven't heard from there around and so they go on breakfast club and they say this cost fifty thousand dollars every time. Say that name so really really alloy lawsuit is has been been settled it. Actually that sent. It got sent to mediation and we in been done. The spinderella thing. I'm going to try to keep a real short. What people. I don't know if they realized i think when you see the movie is first of all song. Pepe were friends. We had a male. Dj right i we had the first spinderella and then we did the whole Happening vicious in herbie run in this. Been morella at that point. We were already established as salt'n'pepa we will already established as company together. We are partners always have been partners. Spinderella wasn't addition to what we had already created listening to that even the way that she starts it with like..

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