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Dot org slash local journalists today will be talking about reporting on immigration policies and migration with our speakers. Paul angelo diane solids and hopes kurla and robbins. We circulated their bios. I just share a few highlights. Paul angelo is a fellow for american studies at sea afar. His focuses on us. Latin american relations transnational prime violent actors military police reform and immigration. He was formerly an international affairs fellow at sea afar and in this capacity he represented the us state department as a political officer at the us embassy in honduras. Diane souls. it's a reporter at the dallas morning news where she covers immigration and social justice issues prior to her twenty two years at the dallas morning news. She spent thirteen years as a correspondent for the wall street journal in mexico city and houston and she was a nieman fellow at harvard. University and carla andro. Robbins is an adjunct senior fellow at sea afar. She is also faculty director of the master of international affairs program and clinical professor of national security states abreu called mark school of public and international affairs and previously. She's deputy editorial page editor at the new york. Times and chief diplomatic correspondent at the wall street journal. Welcome to you all. Thank you very much for being with us today. I'm going to turn it over to carla to have the conversation with both of you and then we will turn to everyone on this call for their questions. Comments and to share best practices. So carla. take it away. Thank you so much arena and thank you paul and my old friend diane at so great to see you again. I'm not gonna talk about how many decades it's um since we went to summer camp together And thank you everybody for joining us and for doing extraordinary work that you do as reporters incredibly morton in an incredibly challenging tire mobile journalism so with that. I'm sure everybody has Questions for our experts. So i'm not going to get in the way much. But i'm gonna take the prerogative in pitch some questions so paul. I'm going to start with you. 'cause you're the policy wonk and i'm going to ask a policy question of you. So why is there. Such a surge and the sturge is enormous with biden of course but it predates biden Just a few recent stats Troll agents apprehended million people in the first time months of the fiscal year which is an enormous number people nearly fifty six thousand family members and fifteen thousand unaccompanied minors in june. Those is a really big numbers. But it's not just all by despite what president trump would suggest you. What's you know. What's the push factor here.

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