A highlight from LCB Ep. 390 (Season I Finale) - Best Movies And Performances Ever, Shang-Chi Review, Dune Reactions, and Goodbye Trillballins


Maybe i mean troll pop in now. And then the final time oh actually four hundred twelve episodes. I can't be right. I count but whatever warren twelve the what do you call it. The real dumps. Yeah now i guess. I don't know. I tuned says voices for twelve th so four hundred twelve total. We've done three hundred ninety one movies. We've recorded forty three thousand nine hundred forty nine minutes of this podcast. That's today. it's that's six that's like enough for somebody to make an. I voiced by one of us today. I think one episode is probably enough at this point. But today we officially with this final podcast of elsie. One and we'll talk about elsie. Beep to at the end of the pie. We'll talk about all that ship. Maybe our favorite moments but we officially podcast it in talk to each other on his podcast for thirty one days. So it's like we podcast. It's nonstop for thirty one consecutive full fucking month and actually i know that's all i know it's a lot but like it doesn't seem like a lot when it's boil down to that feels like it's so much longer because we have talked to each other literally every day and ella grim for yeah no seventy years but it's like nonstop crazy and we're not the only pops ever had this many episodes like we have positive. Barcelona more part of my take is in the four as six hundred zero whatever thousands. I think we got the number reason. He's crazy but we actually were up there. Really top five most episodes of borstal which is boy. Fuck the thing to say is I don't know. I lost my train. Thought oh our first ever podcast dropped so we did a star wars theory but our first episode one drop labor day weekend for years ago so four years to the this weekend was september fifth Two thousand seventeen years later in. That's why that's why i picked the date. Yeah it's exactly why. I didn't only realize it minutes before we started recording Probably would have the episode suitably read all fucking thing Does he lost the audio. So was so fun we. We ran back the same jokes points. We made sorted everything. We did fake laugh and everything we worked at today today. No interview no guests. We're gonna have coley on coli. Has he's tied up recording another pod. He's kinda pissed about it but we'll be reunion some point with that So just the three of us. We are going to be doing a little bit of news. Not a ton of news at all Ironically we're talking about a trailer for a movie for our first ever interview is just kind of a funny coincidence. Already reviewing shonky on the legend of the ten rings though i keep alley saying in the hidden rings. They're gonna why i'm saying that. What is what is what pulling what do you mean. I keep saying the legend of the hidden rings. I don't know. I like the ten the hidden temple with the legend of the hidden temple. I must be the pro- probably yeah and then we will do the ultimate movie draft. We get a twelve round draft last time. We're doing it again. Just the three of us action movie drama comedy horror fantasy slash fi makes it tough franchise guilty pleasure. Worst movie director actor actress. No wild card which can be anything so the ultimate movie draft to end it Before we get into that half do nattery. 'cause we have our most ever ad reads for single episode. Oh by the way we are off there is no podcast or two weeks We will be taking a break guy. Just kinda reconfigure things and figure out workflow for when we're gonna record a record during the day now is crazy but i don't get into the minutia of behind the scenes but because of that we have a lot of outrage today. So let me get to the first one real quick here and then we'll talk about some other things as well

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