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Five ninety five thick fog in spots again this morning that once that burns off it's a warm humid February day with a high of eighty two that's ten degrees above average and once we get into the evening it's a slow cool down overnight lows at sixty eight watch for more fog possibly overnight into tomorrow morning that a weak cold front begins to approach the area tomorrow it's still warm with a high of eighty with a twenty percent rain chance a little cooler though for Friday if you are out on the water southeast wind becoming south at ten to fifteen knots I'm newschannel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann your shot at one thousand dollars now text of the nationwide to your bank two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text and info log in this nationwide contest to hundred two hundred it is mind boggling I just I mention this I just I just I just asked nervously the White hardly wanted dead guy one that was through talking to me you want to talk and did not hesitate did not up a bit so we wanted to donate a long if you wanted one and in service and what you're getting two of those a day for while wow okay that would have been the last thing that I would love I thought he was making arrangements to call back and you.

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