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But would be the people that he wants, you know, who's going to take off take the load off. And I think that's the question. I mean, I think there's like two or three people that he probably probably would want. And I don't think any of those players are gonna come Durant's come at. No, I don't think I mean, why why I don't why would he I don't know why why would mild point at my culture here on the rich Eisen show that I've been talking about here on this show with Chris and everybody else. There's been calling in is I don't know why Durant would leave Golden State. There's no reason other than the fact that everybody thinks that he has to put a stamp on his own team with his own man that that that his legacy is he joined the team that he couldn't be and and needs to beat other his own legacy people who had Homer sitting there going. Well, that's great. But you can't do this. This thing about Colby. He doesn't have to prove to anybody. He went from agree team to another great team. And with the pressure on he still came as an MVP that finals, I believe who went to Rome two in a row is that's pretty impressive because spotlight's on you say over the spotlight's on you can you show. Well, the spotlight was on them. There was there was no reason from the Lewis, and he did exactly what he was supposed to do crushing it. Right. And what do you wanna do? Exactly. Like, everybody's like, well, let's see what you can do here. And in the sidecar, he'd just be the sidekick, and he was actually this superhero. It's a very, you know, organic team he comes in Korea wasn't a hundred percent phys. Weekly and they float and he's a mismatch for anybody. Right. The ball went to him and he took advantage. Now. Are you saying that Durant needs to say because Steph is an executive producer on your film? Oh, you know. That's a good point. I think it's a good time. That's a good. That's a good time. I just want to make sure that that there's. Yeah. That's always make things aware of my. That's a good point of view. I think the Rams the best in the game right now. And I know people to try to figure out who's best game since Kobi hung up. I thought he was the biggest mismatch for anybody. He can dribble he can shoot. He can be can do anything. He wants to do with the ball. He's he's a bit light. But he defends well, I just can't there's no weaknesses in a big game tonight here in Los Angeles Clippers I mean, if the clippers can somehow somehow squeeze in other words, just just string another one together where then it would have to be at least a six game series that you know, that the series would have to return to Los Angeles, regardless of what happens now putting the pressure on the team for Sunday. That's that's what I'm trying to paint the picture for the clippers Golden State. You know, it's good to get tested early. And I think they're big. Opponent is themselves because they've done so well, and they have so much firepower. They have to get motivated for games. And I think sometimes it takes away. Call I think clip squeezing one second game is a really good thing for them. Mentally, and I think people go back to curry talked about Tigers tiger's comeback into grades comeback. Then people came back at curry. I saw that I say, but yeah. But if they forget that dream on was taken out of the series for one game that was that was sort of that was a normal. So I. And then to bring this conversation full circle, Mike Colter here on the rich Eisen show, again breakthrough as already in theaters near you. And we'll get to that in a second. Is that is that? Yes. There was something strange about dream on green. You know, strange..

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