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Thirty when I opened that Chris bottle wisdom in Nain Jan.. And I pour myself a glass Rosa, and then my legs just give out. And I had to lay on the couch. You know drama like one of your French girls. That's me this way. Shays Lounge was essentially a fainting couch because women used to wear corset so tight. They just faint. They you know sweet. Mabel would faint you throwing the fainting couch Annabel. Come in faint. You throw on the fainting couch. That's me one glass of Rosa. I'm fucking out you. It's also been interesting. We're cooking a ton at home when I order anything out. It runs right through me. I know that TM I. Think I. Mean We cook Italian. Garlic, butter onions shit, salted flavored, but I eat out now and that shit whatever they're cooking with runs right through me. I mean I'm GonNa have to wear a fucking diaper for the first month out which were really really let out I'm not gonNA Farewell I'm going to have to build up that stamina to get back into eating out for shape because I can't handle it anyways. Kevin of US on why you're calling, but listen I love your just dancing. You're free. You're in the bathroom. You listen to the podcast. You're just having a moment. That's what it's bound. If anything you take away from my podcast is added a moment just forty five minutes our whatever whatever length where you can take step out of your day and Giggle. Giggle and just take your mind off things I'm here for it. I'm here for you. Guys listen. I don't have all the answers so for those of y'all were getting crazy to me on the instagram. I'm just trying to post an open my eyes and see some shit succumbing on for the Ri-. You know what I mean. That's all I'm saying. You know what I doing. Actually you re-inspire me. I'm going to get some weed tone. Tell my mother. I'm GONNA smoke some. We just go into play golf for two days. mcgilla we'd my hit that we'd and I'll take off my bra. Be a Rick Tony. Little snack like a little cheese tray. We're GONNA. Lay in bed. Restart curb your enthusiasm. My favorite TV show of all time I've been watching season six right now. If you don't watch Kirby, should season six best, but start from season one. And you love to do gland or a high pressured Fan high-powered Fan, and let that just that cool breeze against your crotch. I don't know about Y'all I kinda quit wearing underwear when I sleep where big tea or mellow patrolman sets but I some of it. You gotTA. Let breeze through. And I'm. I'm just saying. Can you do you? You GotTa? Keep yourself distracted while your husband's working working at night. Shift I'm sure you're probably a little UNEDU- each scout. Let it.

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