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Was bridgeport in what they were able to do a fourth straight state championship in class aa and that's a record for any class you think of all the dominance of jefferson over the years set had never won four in a row bridgeport was able to do that at the aa level and it was almost a celebration was canada's bazaar it was a blow out when for them over we're uh but it was just kinda like okay well there's another win expected n and really economy expect that from them over to that point now uh in this run for them and and he expected that last year and they got the wind and uh so that was that was a record and base will certainly need to take note of course a charleston catholic your other championing class singlea last year there were a couple of the baseball notes from a year ago how 'bout on the football side of things i know things just wrapped up with the the 2017 high school football season what jumped out of you there well i think obviously bluefield in the turnaround that they had fourteen to know this year to win the aa title an hour just four in six a year ago outside of the playoffs in and you had mukhi collier coming back see you knew they were going to be better they should be better i don't know that the expectation was to be as good as they were that combo with mukhi collier and truck edwards there in the back field but you can go different levels really without bluefield team that the highlight of truck edwards touchdown run going national yep and viral really uh from the championship game collier winds are player the are the metronews player of the year wins the kennedy as well so accolades can continuing to come in for him and then.

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