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And welcome to this week's episode of you're wrong and here's why I'm Chris where we're joined by Greg. Crone Gregory Houria. Another beautiful weird snowy snowy night over here in beautiful Pennsylvania Chris Beautiful Pennsylvania. Yes so you guys get to now. All of a sudden as as I was driving home I noticed a small amount of flurries and then as the next hour to win along some winter squalls Chris and Snow Squalls Elsa coding my driveway currently. But I don't think it's supposed to do or last much longer. Driveway Lottie DA. I know right Mr Mr Rockefeller No let's that's exciting. I think you know I've said this innumerable times but I miss snow in theory in theory in theory. Keyword there all right well this week thought about why the Pelicans are GonNa Richard Zion Williamson the season while the bills are going to beat the Patriots this weekend and why Madison Bumgarner is the best value so far and free agency. Let's start off with the New Orleans Talibans and and one Zion Williamson Zion Williamson the number one selection in the nineteen NBA draft. And I I were. He gets hurt after a pretty impressive summer league I would say and all of a sudden. There's a six to eight weeks time line and at this time on just keeps getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back and pushed back and we're now past eight weeks. Zaylon is still not cleared to actually take part in five one five staff or do any any significant court trills. Greg this is this is a story. I've seen play out before we've seen. Oh He's is going to be ready in a couple of weeks. Don't worry about it when our teams tanking and that just never comes. I will say I check this out and I was surprised to see over at Bethesda sportsbook. They're actually plus twenty five hundred not amongst the twenty five thousand skews me not even the worst teams is in the NBA but there is just not a chance in the world. The PELICANS are going to Risk Zion's long-term future or quite frankly their draft pick and twenty twenty by playing this guy this year. Well I mean the question. The PELICANS have to face. Is You know especially with the guys they got in that in that Lakers the deal that sent Anthony Davis over how Zion's going to Gel with some of these guys and and I think that you know obviously you don't WanNa push him back from an injury early but I could definitely Italy see a post all-star break bringing this guy back and just letting him get used to the game. We saw firsthand me and you a sixers fan saw this play Out Year after year after year and it took such a weird adjustment period for some of these guys that set out like Ben Simmons like Joel Embiid. I took a little bit longer for them to kind of get their feet under them at the NBA level now. Obviously Zion is an unbelievably athletic kid and a lot of explosiveness. This is part of his game and I think that that's something the pelicans definitely have to monitor coming back from something like this and you don't want to exacerbate exacerbate an injury and obviously their seasons essentially over I mean there what sixteen games under five hundred already to start the season. They've lost a ton of games in a row. I think it's double digits at this point. It's you know the the hunt for the playoffs is obviously over but with the way the NBA draft is waded. Now tanking doesn't work as much so getting this guy even a little bit of run not only for the team but also for the fan base. I mean this is a guy. This is the Mo what. Let's let's be honest. This is probably the most hyped number one overall pick since Lebron. If we're going to be we're going to be perfectly honest here Just from the amount of media coverage the amount of focus he went to Duke. There's just so much focus on this guy to to not to not put him out there for a couple of games just to get his feet wet at the NBA level. I think is unfair. I don't think the Pelicans give a damn about getting him. acclimated playing with Josh Heart and Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram and Jackson Hayes and derrick favors. Whoever it is they want to put out there? You'll notice that I didn't mention drew holiday or JJ rennick because if you're if you're listening to the scuttle bought of late it seems like both of them could potentially be on the block. Why did you leave us? Jj why did you do it only to get traded and take your power out of your own hands. They're concerned about Zion long-term and you talk about the weighted it'd lottery system There's just -cation to that I get where you're coming from but the point is it's still better to have a better chance. You know if I I understand. It's not as drastic a difference. It has been in the past with more flat and lottery odds but worse team still have a better chance. And that's all you can really ask for. You know. There was never a scenario where that number one team was. Actually even the favorite to get the number one pick. The field was always the favourite because that that odds were what twenty five percent twenty six percent back in a pre weighted lottery. You know there. There was never any guarantees. And we've seen plenty of teams tank only to get the second pick in the draft third. Pick in the draft now God could be fifth. Pick in the draft if you're if you're New York Knicks Fan with RJ Barrett. Going four last year that he was hardcore. Tanking this is I on. This is all about Zion. This is about his future and who you're going to pair them with if you can add the James Wise Men are and Anthony Edwards or something along those lines. I I don't know how much percents Lamelo ball would make as he would potentially be taking a spot from his older brother but added Edwards or a Weisman. Come back next year and see what you got. But you're not risk nothing. I mean the problem is we've gone back and forth about market size and things like that with the Pelicans specifically is you. You're the risk of losing fan interest because of something like this though. It's not like the city of Philadelphia where you have you know a much. Larger pool pulled draw from a long rich tradition of basketball. You know going way back to the early fifties you're talking about you're talking about a Pelicans franchise that is relatively brand new in the in the you know the grand scheme of the NBA and to not have a guy like this out there to not not give him to not give the fans at least an opportunity to see him is is a really really difficult decision for me to watch them make. I mean it's not like like they're dropping ticket prices because he's not out there. You know what I mean. Those season tickets that skyrocketed remember all the stories in the videos of the ticket. Team going crazy when when they landed the number one pick those ticket. Prices are staying the same in you risk a lot when it comes to renewals and things like that from from a business standpoint by not having the sky play. I understand that the season's essentially over but how many games his rookie Zion Williamson really going to win this team. This team has contracts as constructed. It is not very good. They have pieces they definitely do. I mean drew's obviously a perennial. All Star at this. Point is one of the best young point guard gets. He's not young anymore. It's twenty nine. But he still a very very very good player in this league. And you outside of that I mean you do like you said you you have. Jj whatever derrick favors again. Nothing Great Brandon. Ingram is easily the best player on the team currently I mean the questions going to become as what do fans have to watch. What this team? If it's not Si- On pill you get Zion over the next. At least four. Three seasons you get a healthy sign you talk about fan interest waning and you know temporarily that may be the case but who cares hairs because the very second that guy steps onto the court it all goes away and that's all anybody who's GonNa WanNa talk about again and this team is going to be a lot more interesting thing if Anthony Edwards playing playing shooting guard instead of Josh Heart or JJ radic or somebody like that and then you genuinely have that young core for you know. A wise men might be weird fit just because they draft Jackson. Hey so high last year but a guy like Edwards gives you a potentially you. It's really interesting. Young trio of of Edwards Zaylon and Brandon Ingram. And then. Then you're onto something then you're not just a team that's interesting to watch because it was I on your team that potentially if everyone matures correctly becomes the team to reckon within the NBA. And what why would you risk you. We I think the only way the fan interest goes away is if you put this guy back on the court. He's exciting for game and a half then he lands wrong. Re Fractures chooses foot. And we're back to square one. That's how you lose fan excitement. Sure but what are the question becomes as he's two hundred eighty five pounds. I think the odds yet. But it's not GonNa Change. It's GonNa Change from this year to next year. It's not like all of a sudden ions going to become a felt to forty like if anything he's GonNa continue to grow into his body and potentially get bigger. I mean we're talking about a twenty year old kid right here. I mean you watch guys transform as they enter into the NBA. A and what their bodies become. Let's talk about a guy like Joel embiid. For example you know they come into the league. They add that wait they get bigger. I don't see Zion on shrinking anytime soon. So you're talking about worrying about something that can happen at any point. It's this is the same reason why I disagreed. Continuously with the sixers and what they did did with managing the injuries of Ben Simmons and managing the injuries of Jalil Okeafor nerlens. Noel and I guess Jalil wasn't injured but nerlens was an and even Joel embiid like we did this thing where we baby them and did for what exactly. Well I would argue. NCUA the Ben Simmons thing and I will believe this to my. My last breath was not the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers decision but rather the decision of his management management and Ben Simmons because I think they care about marketing and they wanted him to be able to be rookie of the year out. It's also because he didn't shoot three pointers and he doesn't shoot and he's not a shooter in what are you talking. What are you talking about? He's I think he's too for three but either way. Well he's I think he's actually two for five on real threes real threes real threes. I just wish he's the best shooter. Benson's will not have perfectly fine. You're incorrect but I mean let's think about the teams in New Orleans around. I mean they're in the much tougher western conference. I don't think Zion brings them anywhere near getting outside of that bottom autumn five or bottom six you know world in when it comes to the draft lottery. I just don't the team's not good enough to go in night in night out and beat teams. They're not going to be better. They're just they're just not. It's just it's not going to hurt their draft stock as much and getting this guy out there and letting their fans and see what the future holds. I think carries more weight I don't agree with that. I think this is you tank and you worry about it next this year. Are you at all surprised you. I mentioned the the Plus Twenty five thousand Pravada but are you at all surprised to learn that to win the championship. That plus plus twenty five thousand goes for both the PELICANS and the Memphis. Oh sorry the Memphis..

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