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We Amy and I are Dynamic on the podcast is kind of Amy's uptight and I'm a hot mess that tends to be like our basic personas and what struck me about the book is that you are a Midway point between me and Amy like I was thinking this is my person Meredith is a hot mess mom. We're in the same camp and yet you have your opinions about how towels should be folded I do. How is that possible? It was an interesting attitude. I'd like, oh you can be both of these things. Well, I think so. They used to be such a hardcore type. And then I also had this really great experience of this tumor, which I do call a gift because it was a gift obviously now the the time when I thought that I was going to die or eat from a bag for the rest of my life with a tube, but I was blessed that it was a gift because it gave me this great perspective that it doesn't have to happen off. My way all of the time in order for life to continue on and I have to figure out what's the most important like I need to pick my battles. I have to pick my battles. And so I've kind of Fallen somewhere and I think that also happens to us as our kids get older and we've parented longer there are certain things that we can could just kind of like let them go and kind of, you know given to a little bit and then some things that are just sticking points. We might need some examples of those for one of our hosts. I used to have get all of the dishes done before bed. Like there couldn't be addition to sync like obviously a tornado or a robber is going to come in the middle of the night. See these dishes my house will be destroyed the robber until the other robbers about what a pig I am like, but that's not the case and if they do come in and you know, maybe they'll do the dishes for me. I don't know wouldn't Bank on that with Robert. No, but I did find a job. Realize like the house is still going to be standing in the morning. If I don't do the dishes. Yes, like I can just go to bed cuz they're going to be there tomorrow. And yes, I'm going to have do them tomorrow. But now some nights I can let that go off and other nights. It's like no I need this done to feel better. And we also talked about if it gives you a warm sense of comfort to have a clean kitchen. There's nothing wrong with that but it's just I had to personally let go of and I feel like Amy has taught me this on the podcast. I always thought that people kept their homes cleaned to annoy me and make me look bad..

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