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Police looking for the driver who pulled a gun and shot at another driver during a road rage incident. Earlier in the week KYW's, Mike Dougherty. It was a little after noon on Tuesday when a car cut off another near cruise town road in Albion avenue, by penny pack park, then words were exchanged. Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum says a passenger in a Pontiac grand prix spit at the other car and then both went their separate ways. But it wasn't over yet. Right near Langdon street. They sold the car again. And this time the driver was waving a gun out of the car, obviously, they stop. Because they were in fear and the driver then fires his shot directly at them. A shell casing was recovered in. The grand prix was spotted in surveillance video which can be seen at KYW, NewsRadio dot com. Police want to hear from anyone who has information on that car. Mike, Darty KYW NewsRadio. And now it's time for the business report. It was a mixed day on Wall Street Friday to end the trading week. Stocks didn't move a lot in the last session of the third quarter. The Dow Jones industrials closed up eighteen points at twenty six thousand four fifty eight the NASDAQ closed five points higher the s&p five hundred slipped. A fraction all of the moves were less than a tenth of a percent. John Rogers of Ariel investments tells Bloomberg he's avoiding investments that are likely to suffer in a rising interest rate environment. We tried to stay away from the companies that will have any problem with residential real estate those sectors. We think over time we'll continue to get worse and worse and anything that touches them could be very very problematic. Roger. Says higher rates will likely be good for some banks people smoke. They're spending last month. The Commerce Department reports consumer spending rose three tenths percent in August. It was the smallest increase in six months personal incomes were also up three tenths percent. The crude oil futures rose to seventy three dollars and twenty five cents a barrel in New York. I'm Jeff Bellinger. Bloomberg business for KYW NewsRadio business reports on KYW NewsRadio at twenty five and fifty five after every hour. Ted Turner who founded CNN and also once owned the Atlanta Braves has revealed that he has dementia Turner told newsman Ted Koppel in an interview that will air on CBS Sunday morning that he has a degenerative brain disorder known as Lewy body dementia. Turner, said his condition is not as bad as Alzheimer's, and it is not fatal. Although it does leave.

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