Behind the Headlines at Boeing and Airbus


Boeing last week wild wall street with its first profitable quarter in a long time but ceo dave. Calhoun seem less excited about when the company might launch. Its next clean sheet airplane in fact some believe he was signaling. It could be a long ways off for its part. Airbus's looking to aggressively ramp up production to cement. Its formidable lead over. Boeing in the narrow body market while embarking on a long and expensive are effort to develop a hydrogen-powered aircraft but twenty thirty five aviation week editors listened in on earnings calls and tried to make sense of where the two companies are heading. It was truly an exercise in reading. The tea leaves joining me to discuss. That are two of them. Senior editor guy. Norse an executive editor. Yen's floto guide. Let's start with you. Dave calhoun had been saying for a long time. If boeing launched a new clean sheet aircraft. They couldn't wait for the propulsion makers the propulsion wouldn't be ready would have to be other advances to to make the business case now. He's talking about the importance of propulsion advances. Is that a signal that this next airplane which originally was called anna may is not coming for a long time. is that what. He's gently telling us. Well so really good question i mean the point is is that we simply are in the dark so we just we should admit that up front to to start with so we are as you say. Having to look at the tea leaves along with everybody else so so what do we know. We do know that as of june as you mentioned calhoun told us you know he said. Look you know. We're sticking to his message. whatever comes next. We're not talking about big leaps in propulsion. You know we're just going to. All the savings are going to be made to the airframe technologies like that which was was fine near that made sense but something has changed and of course the big news from the propulsion side is the emergence of the cfm rise program. The open fan open rotor technology demonstrator.

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