How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You

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Joel talk about credit cards First of all you gotta love those credit card signing bonuses right they can be a really nice incentive to get us to open up a new credit card specifically. We've recently talked about the chase sapphire preferred man if you have not taken advantage of a of assignments. Recently that is definitely one to consider because twelve hundred and fifty dollars. That is a lot of money. That's available pretty rich. It is and we'll make sure to link to our credit cards article in our show notes for this episode But john so for you make sure that when you open a new credit card and he starts spending that you have the money to pay that credit card off not only on-time but in full time. We talk about credit cards. It's always the first thing that we wanna make sure to cover But it's also important to be strategic about how and when you open your new cards that question you might wanna ask yourself is this delta amex. Is this the best card for you. Well you know maybe like if you really love flying delta for instance if you really brand loyal this might be a card that might make sense for you but you know you might do better signing up for another card with either more flexible rewards or or maybe that richer sign up bonus like joel mentioned just because that card is shoved in front of your face doesn't mean that it's the best one for you in the same way. A lot's will get different credit card offers in the mail. We'll just because it shows up in her mailbox and we're we're looking at it. Sometimes we think well it's right here ms ms. We'll go ahead and do it. Sounds good. I get two hundred dollars signing bonus maybe snag this because they send it to me. I must be perfect for this card. This card must be perfect for me in reality not so much. Yeah not not always the case and in fact most of the time not and it's like when you're signing up for flight it's like look you can get your check bags for free if you sign up for this credit card. You're like dang that will save me forty five dollars. I guess i should do that. but in reality it's you know there's a good chances not the best credit card for

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