Why Do You Want to Make a True Crime Podcast? With Sarah Turney of 'Voices for Justice'


Much of ethics in true crime. Podcasting comes down to your intentions. Why do you wanna make a true crime. Podcast over every other genre of podcast out there. This definitely isn't the easiest john to be successful in its saturated discuss horrible events. And if you care about doing good research it's extremely tedious. This is hard work. So why make. True crime podcast. Why don't make a podcast about playing dungeons and dragons with your friends or podcasts. Brooke crocheting or nutrition or whatever. It might be what drew you to this genre. I imagine that the answer for a lot of you is you wanna help. You want to at least be a small part of getting justice for someone raising awareness about a certain topic or maybe just making the world a less crap you plays but if your intentions in this jon rao are not based rendering something. Good just remember that your intentions will dry will drive you towards whoa towards what you want whether you like it or not. So if you're in this genre for money or fame you will most likely make decisions. Based on that intention you might lead your episodes with the most salacious information about a case. Knowing in the back of your mind goes nowhere that in the end the bloodstain on the suspect shirt that you were leading with is actually just animal blood but you lead with it anyway because you know it'll hook people into that episode and ultimately help with downloads now honestly i don't fault people for this. I mean i don't like it. Perverted consume that type of drew. Crime crime content. But whether or not i like it or anyone else likes it. True crime is a form of entertainment. It always has been. You're probably a little expected error. Surprised that i said that but it is it. This is a form of entertainment and we can't get around

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