A highlight from Preamble to Deuteronomy


Number one deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty one. John pauleen. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Were doing less than one. Preamble to deuteronomy in the present truth in deuteronomy quarter and dr john. Pauline is our moderator. And mike is going to offer our opening per your heavenly father. We thank you for this moment. In time put aside the carrozza woes of world. And we just thank you for this opportunity when we can focus on you and your love son and bring that by your grace. We may be blessed by this meeting today. The s. e. sings the name of you. You're blessed son. In the holiest. Eric one god. Now river a new series of lessons was ascension and the lessons are on the biblical book of deuteronomy so you like biblical type studies. This one should help fit the bill. Although it is not a chapter by chapter study as juror verse by verse study. That would be difficult to the book that is thirty two chapters some of which are as long as sixty eight versus so the author has chosen rather than take a more matic approach to the book but still will be focusing particularly on this book and the title of it is present truth in deuteronomy in other words looking at the book of deuteronomy not just from a historical perspective but trying to understand what is going on there that might make a difference in our lives might encourage us to live better lives to understand god better and so forth begin with number one in the handout and it says the book of deuteronomy is a series of sermons speeches moses delivered to israel when they were at the brink of entering the promised land at the end of the forty years of wandering in the wilderness. So one thing you'll see especially at the beginning of deuteronomy is that they will be reflections on stuff that happened over the last forty years so deuteronomy is building on the history of israel to prepare them for entering the promised. Land continuing the number one. He appeals to them to love god with all their hearts and revealed at love by obedience to his. Commandments is a lot of repetition in deuteronomy. Although it's interesting repetition but those two seems come through very strongly. The lesson author suggests want additional element that there's a present truth reading of deuteronomy which places god's people at the borders of the heavenly canaan in other words the principle of typology that whatever would be relevant to israel just as they're about to enter the promised land would also be relevant to a people that's looking forward to the heavenly promised land at that point in history when we are about to enter that promised. Land got us appeals to them through moses supply in a similar way today so the lesson series takes a topical approach to the book. Topics like covenant. Lawn grace love for god a neighbor. So that's sort of summary to the entire series and now we'll step into the book of deuteronomy itself and number two. It says the book of deuteronomy came out in a context.

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