Influential Educators: Nursery School Pioneer Margaret McMillan


Margaret and rachel contributed to the christian socialist magazine and margaret began giving free lessons to working class girls in london. These the beginning years of their lives in service. At the poor and disenfranchised for the next few years the sisters helped workers and strikes and traveled to different industrial regions of england giving talks and visiting the poor to better understand the needs of communities their engagement also led to involvement in several socialist societies and groups in nineteen. Oh two when margaret was forty two years old. The sisters joined the recently formed labor party. The labor party remains the major political parties in england to this day at that time working class children were expected to work long hours in terrible conditions as their parents did. Factory owners cared more about profit than safety and children often got injured. And we're not paid well. This exploitation deeply concerned the sisters and they became champions for the wellbeing of all children. They canvassed for a bill that established a nurse all primary schools. They established community health and dental clinics in a needy area of london. They used their connections to establish night clinics in deptford where children could get a nutritious hot meal a bath and clean clothes and bedding and they became involved in a campaign to provide meals in schools. Arguing that hungry children could not learn and contributing to legislation. That made it law in. Nineteen eleven margaret wrote the child and the state in it. She criticized the tendency of some schools to focus solely on preparing children for unskilled on monotonous labor. She believed schools should offer a humane and interesting education that spurred the growth of the next

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