Houston Rockets, John Wall Working to Find Trade Deal


Keith, let's start things off with John wall, a Houston rocket for now. But will not be a Houston rocket into the future. It sounds like he is going to be treatable. The rockets are hoping. They're hoping anyway. Let's get into that. What's going to happen here? The rockets, John wall working together to try to find a trade and he will not play any more games for Houston. Yeah, so this is that working together part is where it's very different from the 76ers and Ben Simmons who are not exactly working together. They're kind of working apart right now. So it sounds like by all accounts John wall has been very good in his time in Houston. He's been somebody that the younger players have really come to rely on for leadership. He's been a great leader for them. In the rockets are looking at insane. Look, we have a ton of guards that we want to play young guards to Kevin Porter junior, jaylen green, Josh Christopher, just adding in the last couple of years. Kyrie Thomas, who we picked up on a late season edition last year and he played quite well for them. So they want to play those guys. They don't necessarily want to play John wall, nor do they want to have John wall get hurt in kind of completely ruined maybe whatever little tiny modicum of trade value he may have left. There's no other way to slice this. It's 91.6 million. That he is owed. It's bad money. There's John wall would probably say at the same thing. Good for John wall for getting him what he did. And this is why you should never criticize a pointer for taking a max contract when it's offered to him. Team, other story we can have there. But at the time this contract was offered, wasn't necessarily as a bad contract. And either he's one of the first class of supermax guys to get it. So yeah, so what they're going to do is they're going to have them come to camp. He sounds like he's going to be there to kind of almost be like a glorified assistant coach. While they continue to try to work on

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