Ryan Braun Announces Retirement, Leaves Behind a Complicated Legacy


Ryan braun The the brewers formally announced his retirement. Yesterday he announced. Its milwaukee brewers. And i gotta say this. Because i i think of ryan braun is being Like lance armstrong of of baseball Not only did he use pd's but he also attacked people leading up to that most notably the sample collector specifically went after him Publicly accused him of being anti semitic He called other players when he was a i. You know. I had the first positive drug tests. He told them look this. This collector was coming after me. he's an anti semite. And i thought it was just despicable. And so i give mark at nausea. The brewers credit for his loyalty that braun. I'd say this. He's a better person than i am. A given that. If i were mark grad nausea after bron lied about you being a pd user and then accepted a sixty game suspension. What was it a half year suspension. I would have never forgiven him after giving him that. Huge contract mark attanasio did no in from afar. That's my viewpoint to. I can't get passed it. He tried to destroy. Somebody's life yup and he lied. You know that was. He gave that speech in february of two thousand twelve. It wasn't until two thousand thirteen that he finally got caught up in the biogenesis investigation and got his suspension. I get it in milwaukee they the fans there for gave them gave them standing ovations. You know on the field is the third greatest brewer of all time. You know buying rodney out in honor for me. I just can't get past. His initial reaction is. Denial is lies. And you know great player. No doubt thirty thirty. Mvp all that. But you know. I think i would hope. He looks back in wishes he had done at all differently.

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