Tracking Growth Marketing in 2021



Gonna be talking about growth marketing day. All kinds of really important subjects obviously was fintech as focused jonathan. You're up here but you're muted. Because twitter likes to annoy people that way. John are you there i am. Hello danny how are you good. We're getting people through this tunnel one next. We're going to get marianne set up here in just a second but in the meantime i'm going to introduce our speaker today. So jonathan metric is the chief growth officer at portage ventures or advises a global portfolio with companies including wealth simple in canada albert in the us and clark in germany previously. He was the chief marketing officer of policy. Genius when the largest intertek marketplace's leading a division of forty plus growth marketers in scaling revenue. Kennex over three years jonathan. Welcome thank you thank you very much. It's great to be here and excited to be on this new pop pharmacist by twitter spaces. Hang out so. I'm excited to see kind of how this goes and great to chat with you to today but growth and fintech absolutely. Well i will say it's gone from alpha to beta at this point. It was pretty janke the first few times we did this. Maybe two three months ago. And i think the android app is now working at doesn't crash every five minutes. Good started when you think about growth and twenty twenty one i i to me growth has been the uber story of the entire year in every company is growing. The marketing channels are getting congested. Cat costs are going up on almost every pay channel. It's more competitive than ever on organic. What are you thinking about these days when it comes to growth in two thousand twenty one. Yeah i mean. I think you you hit the nail on the head there right and i think you know if we dial it back a little bit to the beginning of cova. I think there was a bit of a pause on you. Know is the sky falling. Are we going to be growing all right. And i think you know a couple of months after that in twenty twenty we saw immediate rebound with folks just kind of shifting attention to online direct ways of buying products that weren't necessarily in person direct to consumer. And you know. I think growth really road that way right and when i think of gross you know i think it's more around folks who are looking at driving revenue for their business and that can involve marketing can involve product and Components performance marketing.

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