A highlight from How to Create a Best in Class Partnership with your SDR Team


And if we can build that trust earlier on in the conversation and the beat up. I just think that the more authentic we can be in the more value can give early with content creating hopefully the are buyers. Find it valuable that the will be viewed then as leaders in their industry for not only where they're out today but where they're at in the future and you're listening to digital conversations with billy bateman the demand gen leader source for the latest revenue strategies presented by jeff follows. Alright everyone welcome to digital conversations. I'm your host. Billy men and today i'm joined by the one and only bill glenn bill how you doing man. I'm great billy how you doing today. Good doing good to guys. Probably have the same given first name and go by nickname. Here is is what i would assume to right right. Well it's funny. You say that because my I had a old pay pal name. And and it was billy g. and my team just found it this this week and they've been making fun of me all week asking me for how many years i've been called billy which has been a lot but i've been able to hide that for four years from them but now now they know and i've got lots of nicknames coming my way this week. Welcome to the world of having other billy. Yeah yeah your bills you the grown up version still yet to grow up although who very much wanted me to go by william dislike. Yeah man that's not gonna happen choice ca choice. Okay man. we'll today. Have you introduced yourself but the topic is talk about how to create best in class relationship with your sdr team but before we dive into that for those that. Don't know you in what you're out with extra hops tobacco. I tell us just a little bit about yourself in your your journey to becoming vp of worldwide demand there. Yeah yeah for sure so. Currently at a company called extra hop or a privately held company backed by two private equity organizations and I've been with the organization just about four years now. The company's about fifteen years old. So we we talk about ourselves being a fifteen year old. Start up but we what

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