A highlight from Patriots Season Preview


The modern athlete owned by some of your favorite athletes, including number 55 himself, Willie McGinnis, and I got my legend stuff today in the mail. We'll talk about a little bit later. This is some sweet sweet stuff. Greg, patriots season. It all begins. Let's first start with the biggest story obviously over the past couple of weeks. We'll be the biggest story. I think the entire season, that is Mac Jones. You took a look in three parts at bsj dot com this week. And you figured out why Mac was the decision that Bill Belichick made. Yeah. So what happened was I came across the thorough leak source. I came across the all 22 coaches film from the preseason. This is not available on NFL game pass. It is during the regular season during the preseason, I don't know. They just like to be jerks to us. They don't they don't make it available to the media. And so you have to go begging for it. And I was able to get the three games because I needed more information on what's going on in the quarterbacks. I did see the routes. I need to see the defense. I need to watch it 50 times each play. And so I did that. And so I have graded every throw. I timed every drop back and time to snap to throw. And overall, the big thing is that Mac Jones clearly graded out as the better quarterback. He had when you broke it down into basically, look, you know, two and a half out of 5 was sort of the mid range for me. So I looked at, all right, well, what's the percentage of the passes that are below average? And Cam Newton clearly had the higher percentage of passes that were graded below average. So he had for the three games, 52.4%, 11 of his 22 dropbacks to me were below average in terms of either delivering the ball, most of it was timing issue, some of it reads or adjusting the pressure. Mac Jones conversely, just 11 of 64 dropbacks. 17.2% were below average to me. This was a you could see this when you're watching the films and I went one two and three. This is sort of the takeaway that I had after the first game that it doesn't play out exactly we'll get to the above average plays in a second. But when you watched it, the first game, you're like, okay, well, they're both in the same area on how many highly graded throws they have. But the big disparity was, what's the floor for each guy? Right. You know, basically how many poor throws are poor decisions that they have and Mac was ahead in all three games from the get go that continued in terms of really good place passes graded above average Cam Newton 6 to 21. That's 28.6%. Mac Jones, 27 of 64, 42%. So to me, overall, those numbers make it clear, but there was also there was one play in particular that stood out. Yeah, I don't want to get to that play just yet, because I want to highlight what you just said. I mean, in layman's terms, right? You push aside the numbers, really what you just told us, Greg is, when Cam Newton pocket, it was a flip of the coin. Whether he was going to be able to see things the right way and make the right play. It was a flip of the coin for him. Belichick and Josh McDaniels could stand on the sidelines and say, all right, heads up, it's tails. Cam's gonna screw us. And when you look at Mac, when you talk about floor, you're talking 80% ish of the time. When he drops back, you feel like he's going to make at least the smart play, if not the perfect play. So I just wanted to highlight that to really tell people, you know, what Belichick and McDaniels and the coaching staff, what they were looking at was a 50 50 proposition with cam. And with Mac, it was in 50 50. It's a great point Nick and I'll even go further. I mean, when you look at the numbers, when Cam Newton dropped back to pass. And this is just the preseason. So, you know, take it for what it's worth. You know, half the time he was going to make a poor play. 52.4% of time. That's on this Dropbox half the time he was going to make a poor play. He was going to make a good play one of every three basically, about 30%. And so that's not a very good percentage. Mac on the other hand, when he dropped back to pass, it was basically one in 5 place would be poor. As far as the good place, it was one out of every two. So when you look at it that way, that's clearly and when you talk about the way the Patriots do things and about how they're constructed and with this defense and the special teams and Belichick and McDaniels, clearly a quarterback with the highest floor, which

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