Is the pro like yourself It seems like the Biden administration would then want to start ensuring that we make more of these semiconductors here in the United States Is the Biden administration taking steps toward that Or is that even close to an answer The bid administration needs to work with other countries in the supply chain European countries countries that have the house that are home to the companies that make the Not just make the chips but make the equipment that make the trip So you know it has a lot of layers to it so the U.S. alone can't fix this And that is why the Biden administration is taking a multi pronged approach by working with the hill on getting money past That's not going so well right now Working with allies to figure out if they can all work together to shift the supply chain a little bit farther away from the current vulnerabilities we see which led to this the shortage and exacerbating by exacerbated by this by this COVID outbreak and the rampant delta variant We are talking to Bloomberg White House reporter Jenny Leonard about that ongoing semiconductor shortage and its impact on the supply chain among other things Now Jenny up to now in this interview we've been talking a lot about the domestic implications of this Stuff we need stuff we use Perhaps in our home or in our driveways talk to me a little bit more about the national security implications of this Yes So something connectors of course also have to do You know they go into very advanced military technology and so that is a whole other facet of this problem that the Biden administration spaces When it comes to China when it comes to strategic competition how reliant are we for example on Taiwan which makes a lot of advanced chips and which of course China claims authority over And so you know how will that play out in the next couple of years Is a big question that the Biden administration is really thinking through They're thinking through we are relying very much on a big company in Taiwan What could happen if there's geopolitical conflict to us being so reliant on this company You know I would also say the Trump administration started this in the Biden administration still is trying to figure out exactly where

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