A highlight from Maxs Strange dream Drinking on Planes and lame tiktok challanges


All right here we go. Let's get ready to pro bowl. It's the same thing when he shaved into just a podcast. No it's not at all people are like. What is this guy anyway. Hello everybody welcome to a new addition episode of the shane night show. I'm chained max and we are podcasting on a kinda gloomy saturday afternoon. Maybe it's monday when you hear this but right now as we're recording it is saturday it might Might also be tuesday wednesday to any day of the week. Somebody might hear it. Yeah exactly it may not actually be when we post it. You may listen to it at the end of your week. Need a little whack because you had a stressful week. So i don't know why we say this but i'm just gonna fucking throw it out there. We're not a podcast to enlighten. You know not at all. We're here to make you laugh Maybe you could be like. Wow those two time a podcast. I can do and maybe also to make you think maybe maybe make you think so Yeah you were talking earlier. That's just get into the show. Yeah this is like a jump into it. do you. Were talking earlier about your dream that you wanted to talk about so fucked up cheering. So why don't you When we opened the show with weird dreams. Because i had a weird dream the other night. Well i'll tell you this. This dream gets a little dark now and most of your dreams do get. Yeah i have a lot of really weird dark often action movie ish dreams that you dream where yet a soundtrack or is that really real life. Now that was real life. That was a manic episode. That was an honest to god manic episode. Where i i after about a week without sleeping heard a soundtrack to my life and i'm not gonna lie. That was pretty awesome. The soundtrack and also the zoo animals off in the distance. I enjoyed both of those things immensely with like a cool soundtrack. Though if be like your doctor dawn nine or kestrel yes like a movie prick of improper star wars so it may be a little less dynamic most of my day star wars stuff most days just like i'm driving. I'd off the empire. Nam doing the dishes making breakfast. I'm taking a dump and and so the music was pretty chilled through most of them coffee. That has Might not wanna put that down on that. Well you know worth a try. Yeah no absolute was that it's mind. Ride your coffee by the way we just got into french roast. So do yourself a favor go to. Www dot mind grinder coffee dot com and get yourself so mind grinder coffee. It is the shit. I'm loving it that not. That was not mcdonald's saying mcdonald's. Don't sue us. i just happened to love mind grander. Oh they're coffees dollar that there would be mcdonald's mine mine's fifteen bucks. Yeah so do yourself. A favorite over there get them fully stocked up got the original recalling simple and effective roast in. So i love that shit so turned out Yeah so yeah. Tell me about your dream. Yeah yeah so. I had this dream. I was like going undercover with some weird like i. Don't i don't know like a criminal syndicate nano This this this was outside of any like reality round. So i was going undercover with some weird like criminal enterprise That also had a klingon element to it so you. So it's like in the city or something i get well. It started at a church actually might. Yeah well yeah. I think i think i was going like some kind of wedding. Or if you just one of those things that happens at a church and people show up. Because it's what you're supposed to do so somebody from the somebody from the wedding party. Needs some klingons na na. Nah there's like everybody. There was part of the criminal enterprise. Okay and and i'm there and some lady comes up to me and she's like who the fuck you Because you know. I'm like newly undercover with these people. So like i introduce myself. And i i assure her that. Yeah i'm supposed to be here. And she's like yeah okay so What the fuck is that thing. And i looked down and my dog. Kelly is in my arm by the way. Don kelly is probably. It's a swim. Small dogs yes. She's adorable she's seven pounds anyway I looked down my dog. Kelly's she's like. What the fuck is that thing. I look at it and i'm like oh i found it i you know. What are you going to say when klingons like what the fuck is that was the crime syndicate klingons klingon clean hawks. Come on man coffee kick in. Let's go. let's go the klingons. there we go. We're having the wedding. I'm not sure exactly what it was. Just at a church. It might have been wedding. It might have been a funeral. It might have been going it. who knows. But yeah the klingons were. They was like a klingon criminal syndicate. Okay that makes sense. Yeah the klingons. We're in charge. This lady was one of the bosses. And don't mess with klingons. Anyway so she she's like what the fuck is adam like i found. It would eat the dog though the clearance. Well see see. It's kinda going in a in a in that sort of direction right. She's like okay. Well you know we we have. We have somewhere for you to be an something free to do. But you have to kill that thing. And i was like god. This is my dog. this is kelly. I love cali and so and so i go out to the backyard where i'm supposed to be doing my undercover thing and i'm like i can't like she's expecting like eat some of this dog right right and i'm told you click on so so like i was just like i have. I guess i have to just think of the kindest way to murder my dog. And just the best thing i could think of. You know the quickest. Most painless thing i was like. I guess i'm gonna have to cut off her simple guts out through the whole so i did that and it was mercifully quick. You know it's fucking brutal but for the rest of the dream kept noticing that i was just carrying around the corpse of my ass. Seen

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