Author Joel Rosenberg Describes His Latest Book 'Enemies and Allies'


Rosenberg. Welcome to the program. Thanks bob it's great to be with you. Oh eric trish. I even heard of you. I've heard of you in fact i've had you on the program many times. You have so many new york times. Bestsellers that i. I laugh because to somebody who i don't know. I think i have five officially but i thought you have written so many books and your books do so well and you now have another book so before we get into current events. 'cause i wanna talk about the middle east. Sure i'm tell us about the new book. Because it's i know it's it's the new book. Well what's interesting about this book. Enemies and allies is. It's the first book. It's the only book that really takes you inside the middle east twenty years after the horrific events of nine eleven to to assess. Where are we today right. Who our enemies today. Because they've changed and who our allies today. They've also changed but what makes us book. Distinctive is not just that. I'm sort of analyzing it from my own vantage point. But i'm taking the readers inside the palaces and the presidential compounds in every major american ally in the middle east. You're sitting with prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu you're sitting with israeli president ruby. Rivlin you're sitting with. Israel's defense minster by you're also sitting as i take you with me into riyadh saudi arabia and you're meeting mohammed bin salman most consequential and i think the most controversial leader in the arab world and presidency in egypt and king of jordan and the leaders of the united arab emirates and bahrain. This there is no book. Might this that has allowed you to sit there and listen to these leaders. What are they think are the worst threats facing not only the united states but them how do they how are they changing their societies because there are massive changes. So that's what makes us book interesting and for me fascinating to live it over the last few

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