$7.5 Billion Bill to Develop Electric Vehicles Won't Help ND's Oil Industry


For electric car vehicles. Something's wrong with that equation. This is what they voted for and this is not even a legislative texts kind of just a suggestion list. It literally doesn't exist seventy three billion dollars for clean energy transmission. Oh this is why nancy. Pelosi bought tesla stock. This is why nancy pelosi husband went all in on green energy stocks. You see someone asks me said charlie. Where should i invest my money. I said it's very simple. Go look at nancy. Pelosi's insider trading disclosures and just buy the same stock. She buys she will make sure that public policy makes herself richer if she dumped stock. You dump stock if she buy stock you buy stock. She knows exactly where this is going. Twenty one billion dollars. This is unbelievable. This is what we're senate. Republicans voted for twenty one billion dollars in environmental remediation to address racial disparities in environmental pollution. So if you're a white person in west. Virginia that

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