Seattle-Area Health Officer Warns of Highly Transmissible Delta Variant


Changed the course of the pandemic. That's the word from the health officer in the state's largest county commas. Ryan Harris has an update. King County Health officer, Dr Jeff Duchin says the virus has thrown us a real curveball, in part because he says, the delta variant now more than 78% of cases, genotype is on par with chickenpox for contagiousness costs. People infected with the delta variant produced 1000. Times more virus. It's much more contagious than earlier variants, which means that people get infected easier and faster and are more likely to spread the virus to other student says that includes a rare amount to breakthrough cases, which he says usually result in milder symptoms but can still make you highly contagious. Duchin says. New Case numbers of quadrupled, But the hospitalization and death rates remain stable and that along with King County's high vaccination rate, or why he believes the recommendation to mask up indoors. I mean, we don't yet need to consider going. Back to stronger restrictions, but he says it requires all of us to cooperate.

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