Get Your To-Do List Done With Less Anxiety

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Today's listen might be the most helpful thing you'll hear all week so listen up. I found this very useful in you might to getting through to do list can be anxiety inducing. It could make you feel like. Oh man i got lots to do. Am i going to get it. All done can't even predict how much you can get done in a given week. So i'm gonna give you a strategy that has helped me so so much with my to do lists the first thing you need to do. Is you need to figure out how many hours a week are you working on your business. So i work fulltime on my business at work about ten hours a day the fifty hours a week then number might be different for you. You might be doing this part time. i'd be a side. Hustle might be twenty hours. Just figure out. How many hours are you working on your business every week. And if you don't know just track. How many hours you're working. This week wants to know that number. That's going to be a very key number. Why because it's going to really allow us to get what's important done in the time allotted so what i like to do is at the end of the week on friday afternoon when things are a little slow for me. I ride down my to do list for the entire next week. All the things i need to get done. I literally write them down in a legal pad. I then give my tasks all the little test. I iro dallas wrote down seventeen tasks. Okay i give each one a score. I give it a number a number from one to five five meaning. This is gonna take a lot of time. Approximately five hours to finish this one task. One being it's a quick thing. I could do it in an hour or less so i'll go down the line and give each one a score of an add up the score so like say for example first task is ranked a two and my second task is ranked the five and my third task ranked a three. That's ten points. Okay i can only use up twenty five points twenty five hours okay. So if i go overboard if i battalion my number and it's over twenty five. I have to choose something to cut. What is the least important thing on that list. I will have to move to the following

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