A highlight from #305 - This Is A Children's Show?!

The Basement Yard


Welcome back to the basement yard. We're back polled. The basement boys are back. I you gotta put your thighs in two way. Don't start. I was going to keep going my neck. My back my bush mike is. I don't think that's the whole title the songs my my neck. My back my background that my pussy my crack thing is out of the title. It's just my back in francis. Maybe maybe i mean you put the pussy in the parentheses goes also not really sexy to call it your crack. Yeah if if i were upset my ass if like like i don't even know there's no sexy way to ask so many budi well. Did you say booty. But i say eat at yes. The accepted. don't budi anymore. here's fucking ninety eight. Yeah i don't know if. Wow that is a good booty just says that now quit put imagine woman just being like i bet you lick my crack. I'd be like forty well plumber. He's talking about your crab when you say crack. It's it sounds inherently sweaty and gross like crack old hairy. Exactly like a crack. It's not a pleasant thing. No like a crack in the sidewalk. Something's broken your mother's back. Maybe yes definitely cracking breaking mothers. And i don't want to do with your fucking break. Your mother's heart was your mom's back then nothing but she's upset. Assume but yet if there's no sexy way to say like what are you gonna say like. I gotta clean and dirty. Like i'm gonna fucking munch on your asshole. The only way to go about it. So much munch. Why can't you say much because that impacts involving teeth i think munch is like a. Yeah that's but that's not necessarily teeth. No i'm not saying like i'm going to carve my fucking naming your ass. No no but if you if you like. Y'all munching on this book and burger right now. Yeah that sounds. It's more of like a cozy feeling like when you're munching on some goodies. Oh i feel munches like way more. No i would say i'm gonna munch on your dick. I'd be like do well. That's different because at dick is like a straw. I would say what a dig is like a straw like when you bite on straws you munch on them. What no you bite on them. You bite munches like a cozy way of saying things like ooh. I wanna munchies. Munch munch munch on my butthole

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