How to Make a Resume and Get Your Dream Job


I wanted to have helium this episode because she made a resume that stood out in kind of a bonkers way. It's the best resume i've ever seen in my life. And she is willing. She's volunteered to come on here. And teach you all how to make this resume. So here's what the resume looked like. It was colorful. It had her picture on it. Which i find that very helpful to just like. Remember the person you know when you're looking at a sea of resumes. They can start to like all blend together and peoples credentials. Honestly like yes. You're gonna look for minimum requirements. But they're not gonna stand out. Maybe in the way that it feels to you. So i think having like a little bit of visual there was really strong. And then the other thing she de i was her second interview so emma did her first interview and i did. Her second interview is an in person interview. And we actually lunch at this. Adorable restaurant in nashville. That's close now are are. I know we went there. A bunch of it was called little octopus. If you're wondering it was really just anyway way to derail in the first five minutes so anyway she came to the interview. It was my first time to meet her. It was her first time to meet me. We sat down for lunch. We were making your small talk and she slid across the table. This booklet to me and so this wasn't her resume. Her resume was cute and designed kind of similarly. But this was more of a presentation. That an i was interviewing her. I didn't ask her to prepare a presentation. All it was normally as you know people show up an answer my questions so i was blown away to be honest when i saw this and what was in the little it was kind of like maybe would you say like seven pages or Ages seven and it was bound together with just a ring so is very simple and it looked gray kind of fit with the brand of a beautiful mess. Which i think is very important. If you're applying for a creative position you can show in this way that you're a creative person. You have creative abilities which is very impressive. And in any way what. The book contained was kind of like some ideas and plans that she had for what she could do in this position and what she could do with our company and i think here's an important thing to understand about it even if the ideas that she shared with me in. That first interview didn't really apply to the position. It didn't matter. She was showing me that she had ideas and that she was excited to bring ideas to the table. So don't get so focused on whether or not your ideas are perfect but just frigging bring some.

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