Mussorgsky’s 'Boris Godunov' Is a Celebration of Language and Culture

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One of the greatest things about opera is how we get to experience different languages and cultures through the stories that we see on stage. And i'm really excited today. Because this is the first episode featuring a russian aria now. Russia joined the opera party a little later than places like italy and france. But they've given us some amazing pieces. One of the very best is boris. Godunov which people consider the greatest russian opera ever written. And it's a real source of national pride now. Unfortunately this was the only opera that the composer modesto ski completed in his lifetime. He died pretty young but he had a gift for painting a picture with music and he captured something essential about russia and its people. The opera is about it. Sar- who ruled in the late fifteen hundreds sars. We're usually born to the throne. But boris godunov was elected after a succession crisis and his legitimacy was basically called into question during his entire reign. So it's not gonna go well for him endless opera now. There's a series of natural disasters an accusation that he killed the child to take thrown and then the russian people themselves turned completely against him. And what really makes this oppor- shine is that while it is about this real life sar. And his very real life unraveling. It goes way beyond one man the libretto which was based on the work of the great russian writer. Alexander pushkin gives you this. Look at the challenges. The russian people faced at that time. Floods famines threat of invasion entire cities being wiped off the map and rebuilt not a great time to be a sorta legitimate ruler. Boris godunov monologue castiglia. Be shaped lusty is about holding power but feeling powerless at the same time.

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