The Link Between COVID in Nursing Homes and Mail in Ballots With John Zmirak


John. You're you're alleging in the previous segment that these blue state governors cuomo of course a number one but then murphy in new jersey and whitmer in michigan and Whoever is in connecticut and use that day and newsome in california that they they were aware somehow that's by sending corona virus patients into nursing homes. It would enable them to do these other things to take control. most coordinated. Yes on them. And how would that have happened in other words. That's hard you're out. Joe biden's chief. Corona virus advisor was. Dr ezekiel emanuel. The brother of rama manual. He was joe. Biden's number one guy on making corona virus halsey. He has said publicly. That people over seventy should not receive life saving medication because they had already lived long enough but life after seventy has no real value. Meaning he favors passive euthanasia for elderly people. He said he has no desire to lymph s. Eight seventy doesn't see why anyone else should them yesterday. Well yeah the point is way. Joe biden's chief. Medical adviser is saying the lives of people over seventy have no value that they're like sick sick pets at a kill shelter. Why should we be surprised when the democrats in a coordinated fashion dump corona myers patients in nursing homes. There's our math massive spike in death statistics. Then they use that. Massive spike to invoke emergency powers suspend their state constitutions and create mail-in ballots all worked together as part of an effort to use the coleman crisis as a pretext to render the constitution nolan

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