A highlight from The episode where cosmetics actually make you better at video games


Things episode one sixteenth sunshine here with sinn dir. And how you and yes. You're looking fresh today. M i actually yes Or you're not being nice really. I am being nice. What do you mean i'm not. This is as nice as i get. You look great. Oh thank you look awake you look. It looks like you won a lot of atomic war if you look happy. I'm almost legend. I've almost done it and i can. What are you gonna do are tired. Probably start playing dutta because there might be a patch coming just in time very happy about that. Let's let's go over are beautiful in bruges here for the patrons patrons from patron. That's where they get that word case. You're wondering. Thank you. So very much to vincent dark. See steel heart. Your friend andrew actually says your friend andrew semper pie a kuna matata. The guy in the chair esque is that supposed to be. Ssi guys why not. Just say esquire then. We'll never know. Lucas frankel commander donut. I'm playing position. Five in real life bread sheeran banzai. Wiseguy chicken potpie truecar playing against wide. Lane associati his second so she'll be called sphinx or blast the mega pope. It's time to rhyme the lime of crime in time to water elephants. Ti in new zealand zana their time. Nate thicker zero one ham and bacon. Thank you friends. And also hiding behind my neighbors front door and jiggle peaking using my diga like cock while shouting fleshing site interest. pm pro counter strike one point. Six player novi panda. Sonic wait. it's still saas neck. I think he spelled it like two or three different times. Just nick in japanese is meaningful. And i'm half japanese nothing to see here. Underscore man ben broomhead started falling the nba. Because suns fan but started going for the lakers before finding out sunset hated them all pitch-black. Wouldn't aftertaste done talk automous. Og fan of the sun pharaoh and his battles with moses the sinner man. Peter dolphins only close one eye when they sleep niebling and perk wishes suns fan. Happy early birthday. Love you buddy. Wait. when's your birthday fourteenth. It's the magic. Johnson says the same day as pakistani independence day. Nikki's was a couple of days ago on the ninth. So it's august birthdays here coming old and decrepit every minute of our first in two days. Thanks cinder if you don't say happy birthday on the actual day we're no longer friends. Okay okay you told me. Happy birthday on my birthday. I don't think you've ever done now. I do because nikki. Nikki reminds me every year. Oh okay well then it's not you then it's making that counts per calendar. I don't wanna able that bullshit okay. So let's get started. The battle pass bundle was released syndrome. So you can It's available says available until august ninth. That was three days ago so it's no longer available. I guess i didn't realize it was that fast but yeah that was great and all but the big news in that little blog post was in other news gameplay patch seven point three zero will be arriving after the battle pass ends. Were working on it. And it's highlighted. Okay to me. This feels like aggression from valve. That's valve saying fuck you idiots. Obviously we're working on it. They have they ever highlighted a word highlighted. It's not highlighted for you for me. It's hidden and you need to mouse over it to read it. The background with like spoiler tag. It's like when you mouse over at the texas. Let me okay my mistake. I take it back. I have dark mode on my browser. So shows everything. It looks highlighted to me. Wow okay i take it back. Valve loves everybody. Okay yes so the other version. Moore's lists drama sure. They used dark ma. They didn't realize. Obviously the battle pass ends on the seventeenth syndrome. Which as of this recording is in five days So we're going to have a little free seven point three. Oh discussion

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