Walk With Little Amal, a Theatrical Journey Celebrating the Refugee Experience

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Among muniz. Irby i was born in east jerusalem and a tough part of town between between the neighborhood and the shafat refugee camp. I'll mix child that means. My mother is jewish and my father's palestinian so the refugee experience runs very deep in the dna of the family. When my jewish grandparents were fleeing europe because of world war two. They came to palestine and drove the other part of my family into exile. When i was fourteen. I stumbled by accident into a theater show and this rough part of town and i fell in love. I fell in love with a reality that was being created in front of me reality. That was full of possibilities. That was wilder was free. A reality that was an opposite contrast of the harsh reality we were living in and i became a theatre. Practitioner becoming a theatre. Practitioner and palestine is like conjuring water in the desert. We don't have the infrastructure. We don't have the big artistic institutions. What we do have is a need and something to say about the world. We live in taking my shows to communities in refugee camps in palestine. I was always struck by the immediacy of the encounter and that became a very powerful experience for me in two thousand fifteen at the height of the refugee crisis when hundreds of thousands of people were walking across europe with all the pain and the anguish that we saw. I started thinking that maybe we need to create a new model of theater. Maybe we need to take our theater out of the theaters and into the streets. The streets where these people were walking. And i started working with good sean theater company Company that creates theater about the refugee experience together. We created the walk. The walk is a rolling arts festival. That will cross eight thousand kilometers sixty five cities towns and villages in its way and we will create one hundred twenty events of welcome.

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