It's Not About the Book, It's About Fighting for Our Liberty


I've been doing it now for five months on this issue. On this book. Mark. We're tired of hearing about the book. The book is about what's going on The book is about these disparate Marxist movements who have joined together. This 3.5 trillion, which is a 5.5 trillion Massive evisceration of our constitutional economic Consob Rinty order. Is the coming together of these disparate spawned Marxist movements being put in legislation that you will be funding for the rest of your lives that our Children Will be suffering from for the rest of their lives, and God knows about generations unborn. Hawking a book. I'm hawking Liberty. I'm trying to galvanise my fellow Patriots. I'm trying to rally my fellow Patriots. That's what I'm doing. I'm trying to counter what tenured. Marxist professors in our universities are doing to the minds of our Children. I'm trying to counter what the N E. A and the AFD are doing to our Children. In elementary and secondary scores. I'm trying to counter Please. These disgusting school boards. I'm trying to counter immigration front groups that had nothing in mind but the destruction of this society in this country. And I'm trying to counter the war on our capitalist system. Against this D growth movement dressed up as a green new deal or climate change. That's what I'm doing. That's what I'm talking

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