6 Unvaccinated Florida Church Members Die of Covid Within 10 Days, Pastor Says


I want you to hear from news. Four jax this is from jacksonville. Florida and this is a report about a ghastly loss of life in one particular church community impact. Certain arlington says six of its members have from cova nineteen in just the last ten days other church members are battling the virus in the hospital tonight. News for jackson. Puerto marilyn parker joins us in the newsroom. After speaking with a senior pastor. Bishop george davis maryland. Do the members believe they got the virus at church. No the pastor says he certain after speaking with those family members that they contracted the virus somewhere else now the church is pushing to get as many people vaccinated as possible a swarm of covert nineteen cases reported inside the jacksonville impact. Church senior pastor. George davis says his phone hasn't stopped ringing in the last ten days we have had six Members of our church who have passed away from covert for them were under laid. Thirty five all of them were healthy and the only thing they had in common that he to them were not vaccinated. He says fifteen to twenty members or in the hospital another ten or so at home with the virus and three to five vaccinated members also tested positive. Pain how these are actual people that i know that i've pastored that one twenty four year old kid. I've known him since he was a toddler. Davis says it was late in july when they learned member tested positive he says from then it's been a cascade of additional cases those who passed. He says warning in the hospital long before they went terminal during church services. They require masks. The auditorium is thoroughly cleaned. In between services they practice social distancing and offer hand sanitizers davis pushing to get more people vaccinated the lionel progress around here tables here where they'll have a chance to actually register held a vaccine event in march where he says they vaccinated about eight hundred people with the surge in that community and inside the church holding another event. All i know is my heart. Passion is to help the people that i'm called to

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