What's Up With Pandemic Sex Orgies?


This has been something. That's puzzling me. Throughout the pandemic samantha knows. I've like occasionally brought it up. It's been on our ideas list for a long time dissipated the yeah well i just kept seeing all these news stories about cracking down on sex orgies and i was just really curious whether or not this was a thing that was happening the whole time and i'm just not in the orgy lube which i'm very much not in the orgy loop and to be clear like no king shaming or shaming of sexual activities as long safe informed consensual activities amongst adults. I just was really curious about all these stories. I get sieg so recently. The new york department of health updated their guidelines for having safe sex during the pandemic which we talked about including this line quote make kinky be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers like walls that allow sexual contact. Bob preventing close face-to-face contact interesting. They heavily advice avoiding sex parties. But if you must get vaccinated. I in choose larger more open and well ventilated spaces. Good to know and as you as you probably heard that the story these guidelines did make the rounds of people like are you talking about glory holes essentially a well ventilated space. I can have a sex party

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