A highlight from Episode 45: A Pair of Howlers

Something Who


Hijabs auburn perm. To kick off the podcast. One did she give once-over for me comb okay. That's a look at look pretty good but just how cool our as a team. I think scammy might be overreaching to okay. I now down a bit. Yeah but nobody's actually gonna fly alley or disappear from gav okay. I've got that. Bill factual accuracy. Yeah and how many actual surprises if we all know that many. But maybe that's part of the surprise and the reason we ain't seen nothing yet is because we're entirely on audio surely true true and can we really claim to be the greatest podcasts in the galaxy. It's a it's a big claim. Greatest doctor who related podcast. This quite a lot of those two Just okay version. To hit goes now. Welcome i to be fast. We're at the start of a lengthy podcast. The contributors are pleasant and know their stuff so some facts are borrowed and some factor deaths love charitable coins from their hats.

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