What Happened in Afghanistan?

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Across sky news on television mobile and our social channels. We've been reporting on the developments in afghanistan with was the fifteenth. Today that seemed to take some by surprise it led to questions about what the past twenty years has all been four following britain america and its allies presence in the country as the situation continues to develop. We wanted to examine the shifts in the geopolitical landscape since the shocking fall of kabul. I'm deborah hanes foreign affairs editor at sky knees. I'm never last some the ship producer. India reporter based in delhi almost exactly twenty years ago. Nine eleven the upshot from that. Just give us a a kind of really potted history of that evolution of the mission to afghanistan like you said. The invasion of afghanistan was to oust al qaeda and the taliban regime that had harboured the group on their soil and that was achieved in terms of the collapse of the training camps and the collapse of the taliban regime very quickly. And then you had a american british other. Nato troops on the ground and the mission started to evolve into one where they tried to set up and stabilize a government and bring democracy to the country. But that's a huge effort and well. They should have been completely focused on that effort. The war in iraq began was launched. The choice was made by the us to go into iraq on the futile hunt for weapons of mass destruction and that was a mission that the u k under tony blair as prime minister supported

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