A highlight from Grape Therapy: Unpacking our Paradise Sacks with Grocery Store Joe


You have to say about anything bachelor. Let's shake it up. Some more fears caitlyn. Welcome the great therapy. I'm your host kaitlyn bristowe. Your session is now. starting. I don't know about you but bachelor. Paradise is really everything. I never knew i needed in my life right now. I really miss it after at least two years. This is just tv gold to good almost the show just really nailed the cast this time around or else we've all been maybe so cooped up at home for the past eighteen months of our lives just desperate for some good juicy drama to fuel our board little souls. Well i've got a treat for you today. Grocery store joe is here him and i have a great combo. But what's happening on the beach in paradise and what we'll find out very soon like if brennan is dating piper and whether it is grocery or grocery or melk or milk and how well joe knows what's in my sack didn't in god. We could love joe more but you will after this. Enjoy earl store yao. Hi how are you. Are you drink drinking your one. Yeah which by the way i would. do you know. i'm a jealous frozen frozen. Joe chosen jealous. In of joe frozen. I'll grocery store on here really frozen. Sorry i don't know what happened. But i'm here just start. It was your internet not mine. Yeah i think was my. Yeah though it doesn't happen again usually happens for some reason. I don't know why it always happens. Like one time. Three bait every episode. I i could read. Let's let the is going on my computer right now. harry okay. All right quick. I restart. This is not professional office for Was happening right now. This podcast. i don't think we need the beginning. Okay we're good. I'm according rock and roll. Tighten up your game joe. I know hide caster. I am to an extent click bay tunings therefore if we're recording. Yeah yeah there. You go a quick shameless plug. I don't mind take ten here. We go what are you going to say about my delicious wine. He's great i love it. I love Truce joe a man of many words over weight. I'm actually i was once glass. I was. I was once given that idol. A man of many words. Here's yeah. He said i did talk in somehow. I'm still making television. One of vegas show. that's cool. Yes that just says a lot about your character. You time in hotel just ripping vat off of the. And i don't even have my own wine it's shipped here but it's not here yet but cheers. I wanted to know how you say. Simple say grocery and some people say grocery and then i'm like are we really still calling him grocery store gel. They are still calling me group. I say roasts. Remain the difference in the way you're saying yet. What do you mean grocery joe or groceries or gel no grocery or grocery grocery really that one what you say i say grocery rosary i i hear the same and what does it even mean that you were grocery stores job. Sure i i own the little grocery store and vago prior to going on the bachelorette in we sold it right before. I actually went on but i feel my intro. In grocery store the nickname stock some would say the nickname is what made me. I am the franchise. I personally think it's my charm has nothing to do with it. And yeah yeah the name just stuck. I don't hate it. it's awesome Thinking that i watched you the other night last monday. I was like are they still Groceries are they did okay. They are and as long as you like it. We're gonna stick with it. Yeah

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