The Life of Anna Leonowens


Anna leeann. Owens was born and harriet. Emma edwards in india in november of eighteen. Thirty one anna came from a mixed race family. Her father sergeant. Thomas edwards was english. Her mother mary. Ann glass scott was the daughter of an anglo indian. Marriage on anna was just three months old. Her father died and her mother remarried an irish catholic corporal named patrick donahue as a result of patrick's unit assignments. The family moved frequently but eventually settled on a city on the western coast of india in eighteen. Forty one some of anna's childhood remains murky anna and her older sister elisa attended the bombay education society's girls school which was known for admitting mixed race daughters of deceased or absent military fathers but in her memoirs and i wrote that after her father died and she and allies were sent to boarding school in england and returned to india as teenagers. Whichever's true it's clear that animator purposeful effort to hide her ethnic background and lower social class on christmas day of eighteen. Forty nine anna married private. Thomas leinen owens who was an army paymasters clerk from ireland. On the marriage license thomas combined his middle and last names making them the liens after her marriage anna cut off all ties to her family. In india in december of eighteen fifty anna gave birth to a daughter selena but the baby only survived for seventeen months in eighteen fifty. Two and thomas emigrated to australia while on the boat. Their son thomas was born tragedy struck again and baby. Thomas died at the age of thirteen months during their four years in australia. Anna and thomas had two more children. A daughter named avis in eighteen. Fifty four and a son named luis eighteen fifty six the following year in april of eighteen. Fifty seven the family moved to malaysia. Where thomas found work as a hotel keeper. He died suddenly two years later. Anna was left alone with very little money and two small

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