Colorism in the Bedroom With Sex Therapist Dr. Donna Oriowo


Wondering if we could start off a little bit with you just sharing a bit of the work that it is that you do and how you got to this point well I'm a sexual relationship therapist at focus in on. How color isn't intellectualism impact in sexual health. I got into this work because people kept telling me. And i was comfortable enough to talk to them about sex and sexuality but i felt like there were missing pieces when i went to school so then trying to figure out like okay. How do you bridge the gap and those missing pieces that you're noticing and with the people that you know you want to serve So in doing that work at like it's just been like a slow bill of these all these other pieces because when you start your own practice you know everybody and they momma is willing to give you some advice but sometimes advice. We have four you. It's about their fears and the concerns that they had in creating a business. And not about you though. I remember people telling me out. You're using to me black photos on your website. Oh don't need down so much more of a generalist. So everybody could see you as that of narrowing it all the way down and i just had to realize that if you are generalists you don't see the people that you wanna see and if you don't have the pictures of the people that you serve. They don't know that they are being served. They may still come but they don't know that you're there your priority so for me of being more of a like a no brainer had to go back in just change What i had been told and religious think into what is best for me most authentic for me and that has allowed a non brighthouse flourish in the way that it has a started off as a solo a solo practitioner. And now i have a team of three other people currently working

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