Washington Placing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Hip Subluxation) on Injured Reserve


Let's get into the injuries because there were unfortunately a few in week wants to find. We start in washington where ryan fitzpatrick com interesting. Play here. Look like he was going to get up for a second and then he kind of went right back down to the ground. What do we know about. Let's see if you look at the anger. You see his knee go into the ground. That's the mechanism for a poster. Hip injury If you recall to have an injury where his went into the ground you're basically driving the thighbone the femur towards the back end of the hip socket Ryan fitzpatrick had what is being termed a subway station of his hip. Essentially were they the femur slips part way out of the socket but doesn't fully dislocate and then repositions itself automatically now. The good news is that it wasn't a complete dislocation but there can be a lot of trauma associated with that both to the soft tissue around the joint but also within the joint itself. So it's really important I'm sure he'll undergo further testing today. That's the expectation to rule out any sort of fracture. Even bone bruise veer. The word bone bridge. Remember that's the microfracture Bleeding in and around the bone. This is something you really have to protect to protect the health of the hip. I would plan on ryan fitzpatrick being out for multiple weeks would not be surprised. I are at the

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