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And we are expecting partly cloudy skies today with high temperatures into the mid eighties will have the mugginess today. Also, a cold front will bring the chance to refute Isolated showers later on this afternoon into the evening. Dry conditions tonight Lows back in the sixties in the suburbs near 70 degrees downtown. So we head towards your Sunday mostly sunny skies. Lower humidity high temperatures in the low to mid eighties I'm seven news meteorologist Alex Like it, Mr. March seven Weather Center 70 degrees in the nation's capital 7 19 Saturday morning Update on W M A L. Monday. Singer songwriter John Ondrasik from five for fighting has a protest song about our Withdraw from Afghanistan. O'Connor and company 5 to 9 A.m. on W M A. L O Saturday morning Update continues. I'm Rick Fowler. We're joined by Cheryl Atkinson, of course, Times best selling author of Slanted the Smear and Stonewalled it. She is the host and managing editor of Full Measure with Cheryl Atkinson. That's every Sunday on ABC seven. Tomorrow Morning 10 O'clock now in its seventh season. So, Cheryl Good Morning and Congrats on season number seven. Thank you hard to believe, calling on seven years now. And, of course, last weekend you spoke with former President Trump. And that was a great segment. Great interview some questions that I enjoyed seeing you asked that the other people don't ask. So

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