Vinicius Leads Real Madrid in 5-2 Win Over Celta



Row madrid with a smashing performance in the second half a five two victory against the at home first time at the in over eighteen months story of the game cutting bent. He had a hat-trick. Come getting a goal. Six minutes after coming on his debut mini junior goal as well as on the dribs score. Four in the second half to overtake said value. Pablo start with you. What was the difference for elementary in that second half fiend. The quantified third may be saying abou- beneath issues. You know years ago you was a player. Verbally was no an end product. And now you can see can running behind you got. Pay the tripler but composure is ever thing in football. On what dis what makes us different final third. And i think you know. Ben sim always ways. He's the main man for that team. My you know that they will escort goals and it was a good performance. You know defensively. They still quite right. Yeah hopefully they can bring a. I love our mandy batson. I think they will prove those players in in their defense but overdue. I think the quantity across to made different for them.

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