Google Search Console API as the New Table Stakes With Noah Learner


Talk about a google search consoles. Api you know. I think of what's on google. Search console is being directionally interesting. I understand if my sites being crawled. I can get a sense of what are the queries and position and rank. I never know what to do with half of this stuff. And just doesn't seem very actionable. And i always look at it. I'm like wow. This date is really powerful. Bo what do i do so talk to me about a how you're able to make it so performance and then be what are some of the takeaways you can glean from pulling data out of google search console. So how did we make it so performance so the first thing that we did was we knew we had to get the data up into big query or another database platform like it because that is a data source would be screaming fast and data studio so learning all the technology to get the data from an api into big query. Was kind of that sweet spot or the skull that was necessary in terms of what we actually learned from looking at all the data which is really the important part in. What how we make it. Actionable there's a couple care is that i think are really important. To focusing on the first is this concept of position bucking and that's where you can look at The query neural by position. And then we split up all the serbs into different segments whether it's page one positions one through ten or striking distance which depending on the type of agency that we're working with might be positions four through fifteen if the really all about getting stuff into the local pack or maybe in if there were mainly inorganic than its position six through fifteen so position but getting like crazy powerful. The next thing is this concept of striking distance which i just sort of alluded to is trying to find all the queries that are just on the edge of being super visible and being Look at them analyze them and then understand what we need to do by adding content in meaningful ways on page to drive results for those striking distance. The third thing that i think is really killer and something. I'm really proud of. Is this concept of multi-layered filtering. So you'll have your data and then have unp teen different ways to filter it really quickly so you can go from all of the data to actionable insights really

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