At 101, She's Still Hauling Lobsters With No Plans to Stop


A one hundred one year old woman in Maine has no plans to stop hauling lobsters Virginia Oliver still faithfully tends to attract top Rockland Maine with her seventy eight year old son Maxwell I'm man the lobster and I made sure all then I put them in the king Oliver started trapping lobsters at the age of eight and these days she catches them using a boat that once belonged to her late husband and bears her own name the Virginia Oliver had worked at a printing plant Mary being nasty when he came on Monday and I have the dad will call the doctor went to Laura had said Monday it has an important role in Oliver had a brief scare a couple of years ago when a crab snapped her finger and she had to get seven stitches she won't let that stop her always down there from now on I might as well keep right on doing it I'm at Donahue

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