Rebekah Lyons Discusses the Title of Her New Devotional 'a Surrendered Yes: 52 Devotions to Let Go and Live Free'


I'm going to ask you you know the softball question that i ask A writer of a book the title. Okay by the way great title. It's called a surrendered. yes Fifty two devotion to let go and live free as surrendered. Yes the softball question is what does that mean yes. Well none of us want to surrender. Usually never choose that But what i've learned is. That's always a nudge a whisper. It's a. It's something that prompts us. That usually takes us to a place. That's going to shift our life possibly or shift our everyday. Maybe it's a posture. Maybe it's a decision of growing families shifting careers moving across country. But then i also think it's very much in everyday practice of gratitude of forgiveness of surrender really just accepting. What is so that you can actually get that out and then to kind of interrupt that and show you what a healing journey looks like. So what prompted you to write a devotional. I've actually thought of doing that. At some point because i have a lot of those kinds of thoughts and i think that's valuable thought and if it's a valuable thought you know it probably didn't originate with you because truth is truth wisdom's wisdom. It's it's from the lord but like when did you get the idea that because he obviously britain other books but when you get the idea that you wanted to do a devotional devotional well. I've found that the themes i kept writing about. We're always surrender. Just this acceptance of the way things are instead of fighting against. I found that my anxiety was really rooted in pushing against her fighting against the obstacles or the barriers. In my life that i would come up again. And so that would actually increase anxiety by fighting against it versus accepting it and then finding the peace lead my heart and so i just thought if this is a a season of life like my anxiety journey started eleven years ago panic attacks and then it's now been a healing journey for a season. It's like part of that. Came a dovetailed with this. This acceptance this release saying god okay. i don't wanna live life the way life never looks the way we plant anyways so we can either get mad about that and be frustrated and fight it or we can go okay that that serenity prayer grammy the the wisdom to accept what i cannot change but then to know the difference of the things i

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