A highlight from Ep 509 | Gavin Newsom Recall Falls Short & Californians Are F*cked


Is party mom to another episode. Hump day observed chat show. We are in studio twenty two the mother of all twenty twos the mother of all motherships champs the. Solis ginger rapper. In little mario chris cruise at the helm flying into the nether regions of. Afc's dress see that just works Lot to get into today before we do. Let me let me pull up real quick. Where am i going to be tonight. Like they're probably is still time. You can come over all these northwest fort worth boat club road. Let's northwest tarrant county. Northwest fort worth Got a campaign event there tomorrow night. Thursday night i am going to be at the elks lodge in fort worth on white settlement road. Come out there. Hang out with us. Going to be there western martinez. Who's running for land commissioner. Well lots of stuff happening. We had a barn burner. Chris cruise last night. I pile of people. Gotta give a shout out to ninety three. Brewers that's an incredible brewery in sherman. Texas we were with the grayson county republicans. And let me tell you something. I was on fire. I was on fire chance. I had for the first time ever. I never use notes in a speech right and for the first time ever. I had a little thing prepared. I wanted to just you know. Sometimes you want to give a speech that people can remember certain things certain phrases for posterity like when they build my museum. My governor museum. You know after i'm dead and gone and build a little shrine to chad. They wanna be able to frame it. Sorta like martin. Luther king jr. am i dreaming too big chris. I think i'm on track here like like when they when they put up. The chad brezler had a dream speech. I'll make sure that you know people could go back and read these inspiring words. So i had a couple of pages of notes. I had alison. Everybody knows alison. She printed them off and put them in an envelope and sent them with somebody that works for our campaign To meet me at the event. Because i was coming up from south texas i get there and open up the thing and i pretty much knew the words that i had written. I knew what i wanted to say. And i'm talking to these people. And i'm flipping the page flipping the next page and i'm only going use this to open up the speech and then i flip again and guess what. The last page of. My speech was missing chris. These first world problems these got fired. Nobody noticed though. I'm because i you know what. I'm an orator i am a professional communicator. So it wasn't a problem but fantastic of shout out to the grayson county republican group over there and then friday night. I'm going to be in. I'm gonna be i'm gonna be in fredericksburg and then on saturday night going to be at incur. Ville right there together. So good watch. Chat dot com. Where all the fun stuff. There's get some information. And i don't know if you guys know this or not. Our our campaign has picked up a ton a ton of momentum like i am more exhausted than ever before. But i'm more highly motivated than i've ever been. We're picking up tons of momentum and got some fun show's coming up here in the upcoming weeks. gotta give a shout out to my buddy Daniel miller. He is the president of the texas nationalist movement. He's going to be on the program. A tuesday the twenty eighth so mark your calendar. Everybody wants to talk about tex. It and this idea of texas secession in texas nationalism and texas sovereignty. I've been very outspoken events about this You won't find out what it's all about. You got all your questions. You wanna tune in on tuesday. The twenty eighth. Tell all your friends actually. Chris should be the biggest episode ever. It should be the biggest. If you love texas care about texas or you're interested in the future of america trust me you need to be interested in what's going on here in texas and we're going to have daniel miller on the show we're going to talk about these things Lost to get into on today's episode. We're gonna talk about of course. Afc we saw that we're gonna talk about the The gubernatorial run in california. The the gavin newsom recall. We're going to get into those things. I got a few things getting. Just send me off the edge today and you're going to be glad that you were watching the show. I want to encourage you to go to.

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