Biles: FBI Turned 'Blind Eye' to Reports of Gymnasts' Abuse


In a motional appeals on Capitol Hill Simone Biles and other U. S. Jim this demand that the FBI be held accountable for allowing a former team doctor to keep sexually abusing them and all other women the FBI acknowledges missteps and allowing Larry Nassar to remain free for months even after his abuse was reported in twenty fifteen at a Senate hearing and a news conference Jessica Howard and Aly Reisman said the FBI failed that there are a hundred and twenty people who would not have been victims had one FBI agent made a proper report a phone call all we needed was one adult to do the right thing FBI chief Chris Reyes says some agents did not and he's pledging changes gonna make damn sure everybody at the at the I. remembers what happened here Biles said the F. B. I. turned a blind all right it's time for a clear message if you allow predator to harm children the consequences will be swift and severe Sager make ani Washington

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