Republican Larry Elder Takes Center Stage Trying to Unseat Gavin Newsom


So proud of. Larry elder running for governor in california. And you know what it may just be a perfect enough storm that he gets in if californians are ready to reject the idiocy of the democratic party once and for all they could put a guy like larry elder into the Into the governor's office. what a what. An incredible epic circumstance. That could be and larry elder is very much in the governor rhonda. Santa's mold larry elder is a fighter and would be an incredible governor for the state of california and if enough voters go to the polls and vote one to recall gavin. Newsom all they gotta do. They've got fifty percent if they get to fifty percent. Then it's part to. Who do you want to replace. Larry elder's in the lead and everybody's attention including tucker carlson last night on fox news and this man denied the night parents and kids a whole year of education. That's one of the reasons why i'm pushing for school choice. If i'm fortunate enough to become governor speaking please go to elect elder dot com. Throw those something in the tip jar because tucker believe it or not he can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money. The teachers union already gave him a little under two million. And there's a few days ago when it was obvious i was gonna get into the race One of the big unions gave him five million dollars estimated. He's probably going to spend around. Fifty million dollars or so to defeat me. I have expenditure limitation so unless i get help from people inside california and outside california by two l. dot com. It's going to be tough to beat them. But i'm going to beat them. I put a little in the tip jar. I don't donated five thousand dollars to larryelder campaign as i shared with you when i interviewed him a couple of weeks ago. We're going to get him back here any day. Now there's a lot of momentum for larry elder

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