Is Time Travel Possible? Stories About Potential Time Travelers


In july of nineteen. Fifty four as passengers filed through customs at tokyo international airport. A middle aged white man stepped up to a customs agent and handed over his documents. His passport from the country of torrid looked official enough if slightly different than other countries passports had to stamps from japan from that year alone showing that this was his third trip to the country. Despite that the customs agent was like Torrid and the man was like yep or whatever the japanese equivalent of yup is. Apparently he spoke japanese french and a few other languages and the customs agent was like I've never heard torrid whereas it and the man was like. What do you mean. You've never heard of torah. It is gone tree. Ask two point two tore it on a map. However the man pointed to a country between france and spain called andorra and was genuinely confused. He said he had no idea what andorra was and that his country of torre had a rich one thousand year old history for further proof. The man pulled out his checkbook but the customs official who had now gotten involved trying to sort out. The situation couldn't find bank matching the name of the bank of the checks. He was also carrying currency for many different countries. Which was what you had to do back before. Debit cards are bitcoin. Or whatever the kids are using these days which at least indicated that he did indeed travel internationally a lot so now this guy is starting to seem pretty suspicious walking around with checks from a non existent bank and a nonexistent country. The customs people were like okay. If you're here on business what company you work for the man happily provided the name of the company he worked for but when officials called the company they learned that while it did have a branch in japan. it didn't have one in torrid. It also had no record of this man either working for them or having an appointment with anyone in the company.

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